To make life easier for you and your housemates.

Use the free Housemate app and make it an organised chaos.

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Organising your households was never that cheap.

Dutch company

Housemate is founded in The Netherlands. Your data is securely stored in Dutch datacenters.

Created for your need

Based on our own experiences with shared households and the feedback of others, we've created just what you need.


A small overview of what the app offers.

Shared grocery list

Share with your housemates what is needed! Add it to the list and we will make sure that your housemate is remembered by it 🙂

Cleaning schedule & ranking

What should happen and when? You can create the common tasks and we make a schedule for you! The best cleaning will end up in the top of the ranking.

Who pays what?

Upload your receipts and share the common costs here. You can always see how much you own somebody or, more important, how much somebody owns you!

Shared calendar

Never forget the birthday of your housemates anymore. Or even the moment when the landlord is coming by. Just put it on the shared calendar.

Shared mailbox

No more creating a separate mailbox for searching a new housemate or shared bills. You make one simple and easy in the app!

Sharing a household can be a hassle.

Who is vacuuming this week, and is somebody not paying more than the others? Who is getting toilet paper this week, because I did it last week. We know which kind of problems you will face when living together with friends or other students. 

Meet the app

See what it will look like for your household.

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Free available for download for iOS and Android.